The Four of Us

The following is a brief summary about our journey to Asobi Lodge

  • Hamish (from Christchurch, New Zealand) arrived in Japan in May 1997.
  • Nora (from Adelaide, Australia) arrived in February 1998.
  • Settled in Kyoto city and spent many enjoyable years there.
  • Were made aware of amazing Tango peninsula house by great mate Duncan Hamilton in February 2005.
  • On subsequent trip to the coast, immediately realized that Tango was an incredible place, and the house an incredible opportunity!
  • Purchased Tango house in May 2005. Spent many wonderful years next to beautiful coast with crystal clear water.
  • Our daughter Georgia was born in March 2009, in Kyoto city.
  • Our daughter Phoebe was born in September 2010, in Kyoto city. Moved out to Tango so our girls could start at the local elementary school (Shimazu elementary school).
  • In April 2015, one of the local residents asked us if we would be prepared to buy the old kimono factory building down in front of our house. Knowing that the condition of the building was terrible, and almost ready to fall down, we politely declined his offer. Unfortunately, he then told us his asking price, and we felt compelled to accept. We knew that it would be the beginning of a very difficult and long project.
  • May 2015, work began on the Keyaki apartment in earnest. All walls and floors were removed and replaced. Suspended ceilings were removed. Two bathrooms were added, and the entire apartment was insulated from head to toe.
  • January 2017, work on the Keyaki apartment was completed. Attention now turned to the garage, bungalow and shokudo buildings.
  • The entire garage building (over 30 metres long, and with thousands of heavy tiles on the roof) was jacked up in order to replace the entire foundation wall (originally wood) with concrete. Work was completed in August 2016.
  • Renovation of the Shokudo building was completed in August 2018.
  • Renovation of the Bungalow was completed in November 2018.
  • Renovation of the Hinoki apartment was completed in November 2022.