Sitting on the site of the original residence, our shokudo was built in the 1960s, and originally housed kimono weaving looms. Converted to two, eight-mat tatami rooms, with small kitchen and toilet in the 1980s, this simple little building is now on it’s third life. We are very pleased with how our little shokudo has turned out, and it has quickly proven to be the place to hang out and enjoy the sea breeze. Equipped with a small kitchen and utensils, refridgerator, and tables and chairs, it has everything you need if you choose to cook for yourself. Complete with a lovely deck looking out to sea, it’s a great place to enjoy any meal. But that’s not all. Through the left door is found a small area containing a wash basin, a toilet, and two showers, meaning our shokudo has everything you need for you and your family.

What does shokudo mean? There are several different translations for the word shokudo. Most common would be a small, family-run restaurant that serves a wide range of inexpensive meals. A shokudo within a school or large company would be a cafeteria, dining hall, or messroom. The third definition, and the most casual, would simply be “a place for the purpose of preparing, cooking, and enjoying cuisine. And beer. And wine….