Places to Eat

There are countless amazing places to eat on the Tango peninsula. Whether you prefer super-fresh seafood, caught that morning, or just a simple set menu cooked at a traditional family-run restaurant, there is something for you. Below you will find a selection of our favourite places to eat. Click on the link for the exact location.


Restaurant Type: Regional cuisine, sushi, kaiseki. Traditional dishes.
Menu: Sushi, sashimi, yakitori, grilled and fried dishes. Local nihonshu (sake). Tango chirashi zushi – “barazushi”.
Comments: A great place to take the family. High quality meals. English menu available.

Acacia Farm Gelato

Restaurant Type: Italian style gelato.
Menu: A wide range of delicious flavours using milk collected that morning from the dairy farm next door.
Comments: Absolutely outstanding. As good as anything we have tasted.

Shatte mo Coco

Restaurant Type: Japanese/USA fusion.
Menu: A large variety. Great stir-fried dishes, fish n chips, burgers, tacos, breakfast menu.
Comments: Large menu has pictures and is easy to understand. Staff speak English. Take-out OK. Closest eatery to lodge.
Outside Amino

Taiwan Homien

Restaurant Type: Taiwanese/Chinese cuisine.
Menu: Stir-fried dishes, noodles, fried dumplings.
Comments: Large tables means great dining for the whole family. Excellent ingredients and attention to detail. Huge menu, great value. Take-out OK.

uRashiMa Pizza

Restaurant Type: Authentic pizza, coffee, bar.
Menu: Traditional Italian pizza menu, antipasto, coffee.
Comments: A small, intimate space (only seats 5). Wood-fired oven. Authentic, high quality ingredients. Take-out OK.


Restaurant Type: Fresh seafood, sashimi, crab.
Menu: Sashimi, set menus, crab (in season), hamburger set, omurice.
Comments: Nice, modern atmosphere, and the freshest seafood. Check the crab prices, they can be extremely expensive!

An An

Restaurant Type: Chinese style with a Japanese twist.
Menu: A large variety of set menus. Stir-fried meals, ramen, gyoza.
Comments: The large menu has pictures and is easy to understand. Can’t go wrong.

Gyoza no Osho

Restaurant Type: Japanese style Chinese
Menu: Ramen, stir-fried dishes, gyoza, fried foods.
Comments: Perhaps Japan’s most popular chain-store. Their gyoza is the best, and the menu is generally cheap and delicious. The fried chicken is also top-notch.

The Spice

Restaurant Type: Japanese curry.
Menu: Several different blends and choices. The three course curry with tumeric is highly recommended.
Comments: Found in Kumihama, right in front of Kumihama Bay.

Tomato & Onion

Restaurant Type: Family restaurant.
Menu: Set menus, steak, hamburger & vegetables. Salad bar, ice cream bar.
Comments: A relaxed dining experience in a busy restaurant on the main street. Sometimes crowded, but very satisfying.


Restaurant Type: Ramen restaurant.
Menu: A large variety of ramen set menus. Gyoza, fried chicken.
Comments: A large chain restaurant. Fatty, shoyu-based broth. You can choose fattiness, and noodle size. 


Restaurant Type: Conveyor sushi.
Menu: Of course, sushi, but also noodle dishes, and dessert.
Comments: Large tables and a large menu means dining satisfaction. Most plates are 100 yen, and good quality. Large take-out menu.

Marumi Shokudo

Restaurant Type: Family-run Ma & Pa style eatery.
Menu: Set menus, udon, soba, curry, grilled mackerel, fried foods.
Comments: Very informal, with a cozy atmosphere and excellent, simple meals. The saba teishoku (mackerel set) is outstanding!
Amino station

Little White Flower

Restaurant Type: Freshly renovated hotel & restaurant.
Menu: Beautifully presented, fresh seafood, & wood-fired pizza.
Comments: Extensive renovations in July 2022 have resulted in a fine dining experience. Overlooking Lake Hanare, there are indoor & outdoor options.
Lake Hanare, Amino

Tentomushi Batake

Restaurant Type: Organic Cafe.
Menu: Vegan-based set menus.
Comments: A relaxed, informal space, surrounded by fields. All menu items have been grown on their own farm, with care, and a deep connection to the land.
Yasaka Cho


Restaurant Type: 5-star, 8-seat eatery.
Menu: Set menus with the highest quality seafood & vegetables.
Comments: A beautiful setting, including an L-shaped bar, and wood-burning fire. Top shelf dining at its best. Superb!
Yasaka Cho.