Hot Springs (Onsen)

Japan is truly blessed with an abundance of geothermal hotspots, and the Tango peninsula is no exception. I have listed the four most popular onsen for this area, and a Google Maps link to the exact location. Kinosaki, the world famous onsen town, just 35 kilometres from Asobi, has been listed separately below.

Yasaka Ashiginu Onsen

This day-trip hot spring is located on a small, high hill that looks out over the Yasaka Plateau of Kyotango City, down to the Takeno river, and uses discarded tempura oils and wood chip fuel to warm the bath and limit CO2 emissions. There is also a restaurant and a shop.


Yoshino no Sato Onsen

Here you can find an “ocean hot spring,” with a breathtaking view of the blue waters of the Sea of Japan, a sunset over the horizon, and a “mountain hot spring” surrounded by bamboo and forests. The two baths are switched for use by men and women daily. This hot spring also has a restaurant.


Asamogawa Onsen

This onsen is situated in Asamogawa harbour, which is the fishing port for Amino town. Relax in the bath while watching the charter boats floating peacefully in the calm waters. There is also a souvenir shop, and a restaurant.


Tango Onsen

Tango Onsen, the hot springs of Hashiudoso. In the outside bath you can taste the sea breeze from the Sea of Japan, and listen to the force and power of the waves right below. There are also views of the famous “Tateiwa”, which has been selected as one of the 100 best sites to see in the distance.



Kinosaki’s logo states that it is the best onsen town in all of Japan. We will leave that lofty claim to the guests, however it is without a doubt, a fantastic place to visit. Below you will find all the information you need about the seven mystic onsen in Kinosaki. You can get a day pass to visit all seven onsen for only 1,200 yen. What a great deal!! Kinosaki has a fantastic webpage so please click HERE to go to their page. Alternatively, here is the full address: