Charter Fishing

We are very lucky to have a charter fishing operation directly from Asobi harbour. Check below for details:

OCEANS (オーシャンズ)

Please allow me to introduce “Oceans”, who have been operating out of Asamogawa, Amino, for many years now. From 2019 they have been running a smaller boat (as seen above) right from our cute little harbour in Asobi. 

Owned and operated by our friend and Asobi resident, Atsuo Yura (not pictured), it is a fantastic way to see the landscape from a different perspective, and maybe even catch a fish or two. Atsuo has a reputation for finding some marvellous fish, and has all the gear to help you land a big one!

Take his big boat from Amino to catch some really big Snapper, Mackerel, and Yellowtail from deeper water, or take a half-day trip from Asobi harbour (2 minutes walk from the lodge) for some smaller fare. Either way, you can’t lose. A full day excursion (8:00am –  4:00pm) from Asamogawa harbour on the big boat is 13,000 yen. A half day excursion (5:00am –  10:00am or 6:00pm – 12:00am) from Asobi harbour on the smaller boat (pictured) is 10,000 yen. Here is the link to the webpage: