Asobi? Tango??

You may be wondering what these two names mean. In this section, we’ll briefly cover the Tango peninsula, and Asobi Cho (literally “Playtown”)

The Tango peninsula

The Tango hanto (peninsula) is about 125kms from Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe, and is easily accessible by car, train, or bus. The trip takes about 2,5 hours by car or train, and about 3 hours by bus. The peninsula is a beautiful, unspoiled destination with many mountains, forests, hot springs and a stunning coastline that alternates between ancient lava, exceptional geological formations, and  long, white sand beaches. Rather than repeat what others have written, I’ll link to three great articles below.

This is a great article written by our friend, Chris Rowthorn, for Inside Kyoto:

Here is one from Discover Kyoto:

Asobi Cho

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